Vision processing sensor (영상 프로세싱 센서 )






The ZX-CCD can be used to track or monitor color. The best performancecan be achieved when there are highly contrasting and intense colors. For instance, it could easily track a red ball on a white background, but it would be hard to differentiate between different shades of brown in changing light.Tracking colorful objects can be used to localize landmarks, follow lines, or chase a moving beacon. Using color statistics, it is possible to monitor a scene,

detect a specific color or do primitive motion detection. If the camera detects a drastic color change, then chances are something in the scene changed. Using “line mode”, the ZX-CCD can act as an easy way to get low resolution binary images of colorful objects. This can be used to do more sophisticated line following that includes branch detection, or even simple shape recognition. These more advanced operations would require custom algorithms that would post process the binary images sent from the ZX-CCD. As is the case with a normal digital camera, this type of processing might require a computer or at least a fast microcontroller.



The CS400001 Color Vision Tracking Camera Module(ZX-CCD) is a complete camera system. Because of its extreme value for the money, this camera is well suited for educational use in schools and colleges, hobby and professional purposes, and with the BOL-BOT. The CS400001 can be used to track or monitor colors.

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  • Tracks user defined color blobs at 17 Frames Per Second
  • Finds the centroid of color blobs
  • Gathers mean color and variance data
  • Transfers a real-time binary bitmap of the tracked pixels in an image
  • Arbitrary image windowing
  • Adjustment of the camera’s image properties
  • Ability to dump a raw image
  • 80x143 Resolution
  • 115,200 / 38,400 / 19,200 / 9600 baud serial communication
  • Slave parallel image processing mode off a single camera bus

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